There was too much pressure surrounding the first blog post, so I am relieving it by simply welcoming you to my blog.

I am not sure what kind of space this is going to be. It will reflect the atmosphere inside my head. I will share thoughts, opinions, tidbits, and maybe some photos. I’ll try to be witty and eloquent, but no guarantees.

I don’t claim to be a well-written person, nor an accomplished writer by any means. Some friends of mine who blog have inspired me to enter the world of (young) adult blogging. I’m coming from the tumblrsphere, which you may or may not know is a chaotic but wonderful place to experience. 

When I come here, I’ll focus on writing. 

A friend/acquaintance/brother of my roommate/writer that I admire suggested in his most recent blog post: “Blogging real things adequately every day instead of just fantasizing about creating The Perfect Blog someday.” As a perfectionist, I know that if I can’t do something perfectly, it will never be done – at least not until the last possible moment. 

This is my attempt at blogging adequately on a regular basis. I will try not to worry about how you perceive me and focus instead on what I have to say.

In recent years, I’ve discovered that I have rather a lot to say. Maybe it’s the result of the amount of time I’ve spent in silence over the course of my life. Often, when I was silent, my mind was babbling uncontrollably. 

I’ve been blessed with an incredibly rich thought life. I can spend unlimited amounts of time in my own head. That’s not to say it won’t make me crazy after awhile…but I don’t get bored.

This is turning into something, but I’ll stop it at a preview. I’m not sure if anyone will read or follow, but I suppose I don’t really mind. My need to write is increasing as a means of preserving my sanity. I need a place to lay down my thoughts so I don’t have to go chasing after them later. 

Welcome. Please, have a seat and relax as I make an effort to process life.