Emily. B.A. in English (+ Religious Studies + Human Rights minors) from the University of Nebraska. My husband Nick and I are currently living in St. Louis and attending Covenant Seminary – I’m pursuing an M.A. in Religion and Culture.

I’ve been writing on and off since I can remember. Mostly On through undergrad. Mostly Off since then. Became disenchanted with the idea of blogging as every woman and her mother (literally so many mommy-blogs and superficial spiritual blogs) started them. And they all have to have an aesthetic…but aren’t most of them the same? I digress. There is no distinguishing between good writing and mediocre writing out here where blogs are read as often as journalism and academic writing by experts. I’m starting up again on the advice of a current professor, which was unexpected but not unwelcome.

I do like the idea of collecting my writing that seems more legit than journaling but less legit than something that would be published somewhere. Thanks for reading and listening.


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