let the record show…

I did the December Photo Project (for the first time) via Instagram, and it was lovely. I captured a moment of each day, and it sums up the month well, and forced me to remember moments, which is difficult for me, because I’m all about moving on to the next thing on the list. Here are the rest of the photos, in miniature. The last one I posted here was day 4, I believe, so the next one is the third from the right in the second picture here, and then work your way from right to left, up the page. Opposite of the way you’re reading these words.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 7.07.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 7.06.15 PM

Day 5: RUF Christmas Sweater Exchange Party. Nick starts the back massage trend, which is a classic move of his.

Day 6: Coffee over the phone with Hanna, a dear friend. I missed her even more after we hung up, of course.

Day 7: Nick makes our bed most mornings, something I neglect but appreciate so much.

Day 8: A rare day of illumination from within and writing inspiration.

Day 9: Went to the Phi Lambda Chrismas party, and some RUF reindeer showed up.

Day 10: Black Bear by Andrew Belle is just a beautiful song, and album.

Day 11: Brittany is the sweetest, and coffee with her is always lovely. (“Does this mean I’m going to be your picture of the day??”)

Day 12: Creepy meeting: birds in winter trees.

Day 13: Zach Winters put on a house concert at the house of some new friends.

Day 14: Just a picture of me in mah big scarf (see day 2 yarn picture !!) by the Christmasy door.

Day 15: We made several Christmas gifts ourselves this year. It takes lots of time, but it saves lots of dollars.

Day 16: Day one of CHEAP GAS CIRCA 1990s

Day 17: Wrapping presents is like insanely fun and I feel weird about how giddy it made me.

Day 18: Dutch Blitz with some speedies.

Day 19: On the road – midwestern flat land and sky – my home.

Day 20: Nick’s mom Terri Jo and her duo partner playing at one of their favorite coffee/book shops in Denver.

Day 21: Nick playing a house show at his mom and stepdad’s house in Broomfield.

Day 22: My hand at Bananagrams. I win.

Day 23: We went to Ikea, and we saw so many things.

Day 24: 3 pictures: Jumping for JOY entering Nebraska. Got those warm fuzzies. And Nick & Redeemerites preparing to lead worship for the Christmas Eve service, which was so great.

Day 25: C h r i s t m a s – Christ came – a still from games at Grandma’s, one of the constants over the years.

This was such a fun project. Makes me want to do it every month, but maybe it would lose some charm. By the end, I did get a little tired of being on Instagram so much every day. Just wanted to finish it out here on the blog, because I always start things I don’t finish…but I actually finished the DPP, so I want documentation. 😉 Thanks for reading and looking and caring.