exercising the muscles

Poetry is something I don’t even know if I’m good at. I enjoy it, and it generally helps me express creatively what I don’t think I can say in normal words. So here’s a poem for right now – for the moment and season I’m in.

clench rough teeth
worn down by
click jaw
tick jaw

blob tears dry
squeeze shut
flex heart
jelly heart

jerk this up
press it down
stack words
leak words

stuffing bursting
through lips

December Photo Project: Day 1

DPP2014 Day 1

These are my lovely parents. Nick and I spent Thanksgiving week at their house in Texas. Mostly, we chilled. We watched Dr. Who and we walked around their small-town-downtown, and drank lots of coffee (because we wanted to, not because we needed it) and enjoyed their company. We made sweet potato casserole and cherry pie and stuffing – and if those had been the only foods we’d had on Thanksgiving, I’d have been totally fine with it.